There are few things that can break an air system quicker than dirt, grime and mold.
But don't worry, that's where DWD2 can lend a hand.

We have been the authority on evaporator cleaning since 1997. We developed a trust with our clients, building a strong reputation over the years producing quality work. Our business and methods were so successful and became so popular with our clients that we were able to branch out into an effective mobile cleaning service.

But what makes DWD2 so much different than other competing companies out there are Experience and Results. DWD2 were the pioneers in the field. Our company single handedly reinvented the way people clean their evaporators. Before 1997, the only available option was to hire a professionally trained and experienced technician. As you can imagine, this could really put a dent in your wallet. Since then, several other cleaning methods have made their way on the market. They offered something quicker, cheaper, and easier to do. Sounds good at first. Unfortunately, these were mainly quick fixes that used harmful chemicals in their products. Worse yet, few people took the precaution to rinse out the chemicals properly, allowing the harmful substances to remain inside the evaporator to be inhaled next to the client used it. Not with us.

One of the biggest worries for evaporator owners is the harmful molds that build up after a while. The chemicals may have been harmful, but they usually managed to prevent mold. The question remained: "was there any way to make evaporators safe to use?"

DWD2 wanted to know the same thing. We solved this problem by using an effective application method that applies strong, yet completely safe, surfactant mixtures that fully penetrate and break down mold along with any other contaminants baked into the evaporator. Our way is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable. This resulted in immediate success and, after being thoroughly tested, granted us endorsements from the most highly respected auto manufacturers in the United States.

Metal Conditioner

DWD2 commitment to innovative technology through research was founded from the very beginning with its first oil additive that used a unique formulation to reduce friction. The technology is based on highly stable synthesized hydrocarbons which demonstrates the anti-wear, anti-friction, anti-oxidant, extreme pressure properties of motor oils, and many other characteristics.

Odor Removal System ‘FOGGER’

DWD2 Foggers are not just air freshener or fragrance. This is very highly concentrated formulations to kill the most tenacious odors ever! It fill the area with a fine foggy mist to penetrate all fibers where hands and cleaning tools can’t reach. Accordingly, people should limit their exposure to the fog. The canister comes with a lock-down actuator for unparalleled performance in confined areas such as automobiles or any room that can be closed up.