How often do I have to get my evaporator cleaned?

There are two main factors to take into consideration:
The sensitivity you and your passengers have to the air you breathe. Regardless of time of year and where you live, there can be particles in the air that will irritate the respiratory and/or olfactory systems in individuals. Do you drive through seasonal pollen, smog, exhaust fumes from trucks and busses, airborne dust, intermittent wet and dry days where spores and mold growth spikes? People with allergies, asthma or even just a great sense of smell will be affected to varying degrees. The elderly and the very young are more susceptible that the average person but it really all depends on your individual comfort zone, One person in the same environment can be oblivious to odors while another can suffer headaches and nausea. A good rule of thumb is at least once or twice per year depending on your comfort level. However, the very sensitive, asthmatic or immune system suppressed individual will want to do it more often. Said from the discomfort of a foul smelling car environment, keeping the evaporator core clean keeps the ventilation system operating at peak efficiency, saves wear and tear on the compressor (the heart of the system) and minimizes fuel consumption to run the system.

Can I clean my own evaporator?

We recommend installation of the attachment set be performed by a knowledgeable mechanic or technician the first time you have your system cleaned. If you specify the attachment set not be removed after the cleaning, you can clean the evaporator yourself thereafter. It becomes a simple matter of pulling the adapter hose from under the dashboard and attaching a new can of cleaner, You can do the cleaning yourself in a matter of minutes whenever it’s needed. It could not be simpler or more convenient. We are here to provide technical assistance if you need help.

What about injecting the cleaner into the evaporator drain hole?

Forcing a cleaner up the drain tube is one of the most ineffective methods ever devised. Only a small percentage of cleaner can find its what into the incoming side of the evaporator chamber. The majority of the clean will take the path of least resistance leading to the heater chamber completely bypassing the contaminated evaporator. Our unique system puts all the cleaning foam into the contaminated side of the evaporator chamber for full coverage. There are alternative methods of introducing the cleaner into the system properly but up the drain is certainly not one of them. Please contact us for technical assistance on alternative methods.

If my car has filter, Do I still need to clean my evaporator?

Yes, and here’s why. The filter is located between the blower fan and the evaporator. There is no filter between the evaporator and the air that enters your car’s cabin. Although an air filter works on eliminating some of the dirt and debris from entering your car’s evaporator. It does nothing to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. This is why you may still experience a musty odor in your car’s cabin after changing the filter. We recommend using our one car set for the first treatment and changing your filter 8,000-10,000 km (depending on climate and how much you drive).